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Book Thug Nation – DIY Series #1

This is part of a new series that Effluvia is doing on independent booksellers, info-shops, distros and other collective and individual exercises in the dissemination of “alternative” media. As the behemoth B&N adds more kitsch and subtracts more books from its brick and mortar stores and moves more of its business online, we at Effluvia […]

In An Instant – Creative Nonfiction by Brittany Michelson

Check out some new creative nonfiction by Brittany Michelson Brittany Michelson on herself: My prose and poetry has been published in Sleet Magazine, Speech Bubble Magazine, Glossolalia Fiction, Every Day Fiction, Backhand Stories, Bat Terrier Journal, Bolts Of Silk, Flashquake, and other online journals. Print work appears in PMS Magazine and an anthology by Bona […]

All of Anarchism in Your Backpack: An Anarchist FAQ

An Anarchist FAQ By Kevin Casey A couple of years ago An Anarchist Frequently Asked Questions (AFAQ) migrated from the internet to a 555 page tome, put out by Effluvia favorites AK Press. Iain McKay’s excellent introduction elucidates the general goals and motivations of the project: to stand as a resource for those interested in […]

NO HEROIC MEASURES – fiction by Melissa Ann Chadburn

Effluvia Magazine is excited to publish a piece by Los Angeles based writer Melissa Chadburn. Her NO HEROIC MEASURES is, at turns, provocative, informative, poignant, disturbing and uplifting. Melissa Chadburn is a lover and a fighter, a union rep, a social arsonist, a writer, a lesbian, of color, smart, edgy and fun. Her work has […]

Tattoo the World: a film review

by Kevin Casey In Mixed Reviews. For the full review of Tattoo the World click Tattoo the World.

Jost Hochuli: Detail in Typography and Designing Books

by Kevin Casey In Mixed Reviews. Detail in Typography and Designing Books by Jost Hochuli

The Sextine Chapel

by Kevin Casey New Translated Literature in Mixed Reviews Mixed Reviews… Hervé Le Tellier

The Silence of Violence

The Silence of Violence What is said, unsaid and transmuted in the intersemiotic translations of Cormac McCarthy’s later work. by Kevin Casey Feature… McCarthy Transmutation

Cormac McCarty’s Guide to Style

McCarthy Styleguide

Bret Easton Ellis, Richard Hell and Stephin Merritt

Books and Movies in Mixed Reviews… Mixed Reviews

Xenakis at the MOCA

Review… Xenakis Moca

Riding Toward Everywhere – William Vollmann

Review… Vollmann Riding