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SKATEISTAN @ Nomad – March 31st, 2013

Sunday March 31st, 2013 An evening of Music, Art, Skating & Food to raise money and awareness for Skateistan. 31 ARTISTS – Silent art auction NOMAD LA – Print Studio / Gallery / Art Compound SKATEISTAN: TO LIVE AND SKATE KABUL

Photo of the Day: Sk8 art givaway (dusty)…

(Throwback) Zine of the Day: Ed Templeton – Brian and Nancy

Straight from the inked jets of photocopiers past… Scored this at the Known Gallery Fire Sale, then lost it, then found it, then read it… When photos tell a story in the absence of words, do you still call the consumption of the narrative “reading?” Please let us know… Quality photo zine from an “author”/photographer […]

Sunshine Rebels… NYC early days

Sunshine Rebels… Dogtown East… Salad days tinged with acid and Rusto… Peep it. ZEPHYR and other ZOO YORK radness! Trippy meets super ultra-flat drippy… SUNSHINE REBELS tells the story of a group of inner-city teenagers who in the 1970s came together in New York Citys Central Park and in the process left an indelible stamp […]

Tom Sims Skateboarding Pioneer – R.I.P.

(Image courtesy of Blue Tile Obsession) George Powell (courtesy of B.T.O.): Tom Sims was one of those people you never forget your relationship with. He was a force of nature in person, dynamic, energetic, forward looking and visionary. With an easy smile that paved and smoothed the roads he pioneered, he parlayed an early love […]