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Song of the Day: Star Fucking Hipsters – Two Cups of Tea

Photo of the day…

Ed Ruscha on Sign Painting and Graffiti and Upcoming Excitable Media

(Sign Painters book by Faythe Levine & Sam Macon, cover art by Ira Coyne) The creators of hand-painted signs have engaged in an elegant and noble art form in all of its extremes, but in a world of computer plastics, where do we go? Children are not even taught longhand writing these days. You might […]

Miki Dora Lives

Like a Poseidon of Malibu, if Poseidon gave the finger to the elements and cut water like glass . . .

JR: LA Freewalls Project

JR is creating over 20 murals throughout the next week in many neighborhoods in Los Angeles. For the artist’s time in the Artist’s District, he turned to us to secure some of the largest spaces for the project. For LA Freewalls Video by Jason Wawro click here.