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Photo of the Day

Reposted from Goteblud: Free the Crass Symbol!

The symbol that Dave King created in 1977 made its first appearance in Penny Rimbaud’s impassioned manifesto, “Christ’s Reality Asylum.” It then went on to become the logo for Crass, who defined anarcho punk for decades to follow. In the intervening years, the symbol has been reproduced countless times, and become the basis for mashup, […]

(Throwback/Simulation) Video of the Day: old (then young) ex? (then not!) punks DOING the talkshow circuit

(believe it or not, I knew quite a few folks that got a free plane ticket and gratis hotel accommodations for the traveling party back in the decade that did us all in…) Born Against The Locust (mixed martial arts action straight from a decade ago…) And much much more… Google is your friend… anytime, […]

the birth of the wild child

Picture it: Vogue guru Diana Vreeland sends you to the desert with only a stylist and a photographer for a fashion shoot. The rub? No clothes are packed or brought as dictated by Madame Vreeland. This may sound an impossible feat. Of course, if you are the model of the moment Verushka, muse to the […]