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The Mathematicians Brain

This post, what will most likely become a string of posts or a heavily back-edited post, is a correction of some previous views that I took on (with respect to math and teaching) without either 1) really knowing anything about what I was thinking about (yes this does indeed seem possible… not even wrong?) and […]

Fiat Lux and “The Gay Science”

Nietzsche called The Gay Science “the most personal of all my books.” It was here that he first proclaimed the death of God — to which a large part of the book is devoted — and his doctrine of the eternal recurrence. Gawd is love… God is Dead After Buddha was dead, people showed his […]

The Artistic Schemes of Jean-Pierre Hebert

His printmaking incorporates computation, randomness/chance and an amazing eye for beauty… click outta here and see something amazing: metagon on copper, soft ground (2002) hand pulled print 1004, 15×15 on 17x16in. From the artist’s website: hand pulled prints. digital mask on transparent medium and solar plates. copper plates: computer driven engraver and other devices for […]

Chris Johanson @ MOCA PDC

Chris Johanson at MOCA PDC… MOCA presents Within The River of Time Is My Mind, a new exhibition by Los Angeles-based artist Chris Johanson on view at MOCA Pacific Design Center from June 29 through September 22, 2013. Organized by guest curator Andrew Berardini, the exhibition features new paintings, sculpture, and found wood site-specific installation. […]

Fulton Ryder

Fulton Ryder is a Gallery, Rare Bookshop and Publisher Check out their blog…