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Arto Lindsay is still as radical as ever!

AND… we’re back! and er, whatever than ever! NOW THEN

The Mathematicians Brain

This post, what will most likely become a string of posts or a heavily back-edited post, is a correction of some previous views that I took on (with respect to math and teaching) without either 1) really knowing anything about what I was thinking about (yes this does indeed seem possible… not even wrong?) and […]

A Fern Grows in Malibu (thanks to The LAEV)

Thanks for the good times at the BBQ and the mulch… I am fighting the good fight (the reterritorialization of the ferns in the entranceway of the house. Many thanks to the folks at LAEV for getting everything ready to mulch and fpr letting me play in the earth and shit. Yeah!)

Thom Thom Drumming (circle the wagons!!!), Catastrophies, still Beating Hearts and the Topology of Biological Time

Well, actually, that’s for another day… a day I understand it. Today some links on biology and topology, specifically Glass, Winfree and Thom. (Thanks again! See below for a richer shout out.) Overview: Topological Approached to Biological Dynamics by L. Glass The Geometry of Biological Time by A. Winfree Structural Stability and Morphogenesis by Rene […]

The most dense thing I’ll compile tonight

Late night interweb trolling for connections… tikz and GraphViz % A complete graph % Author: Quintin Jean-Noël % \documentclass{article} \usepackage{tikz} %%% \begin{comment} :Title: A complete graph :Tags: Foreach;Graphs;To paths :Author: Jean-Noël Quintin :Slug: complete-graph \end{comment} \usetikzlibrary[topaths] % A counter, since TikZ is not clever enough (yet) to handle % arbitrary angle systems. \newcount\mycount \begin{document} \begin{tikzpicture}[transform […]